IPv6 Course Portfolio

Date: 6-8 September 2015

Location: Khartoum College of Applied Studies.

After this course you will

  • Understand the Internet Ecosystem and its resource management framework
  • Understand the limitations in the current version of the Internet Protocol
  • Understand the features of IPv6
  • Be able to develop an IPv6 migration plan

Who should attend?
You should attend this training course if you are:

  • Network Engineers and Applications Developers; who have been restricted with IPv4 limitations,
  • Network Administrator; who are aware of the IPv4 exhaustion,
  • IT manager; who want to convince the organization administrators to migrate to IPv6,
  • CTO; who think about organization business continuity,
  • Academic Staff; who believe that IPng is an essential part of the Future Networks,
  • Student and Researchers; who need to bridge the gap on his knowledge in networking concepts.


It is assumed that participants are familiar with the common IP terminology and have an adequate knowledge of basic network configuration. IPv4 is briefly reviewed when highlighting the new features on IPv6, however a fair experience on IPv4 routing configuration is necessary.
A good knowledge of general networking concepts is compulsory, that include;

  • TCP/IP and OSI,
  • IPv4 features (Header, Classes, Subneting, etc.),
  • Routing Protocols and Routed Protocols,
  • Router configuration skill.

Starting Points


Language used
Arabic and/or English, however all course materials are in English.